We provide on-demand laundry services that focus on the convenience of the end user. We pride ourselves on using the best of machinery and detergents in order to give the end user only the best quality of service! We want the world to know about our expert laundry services - we want every new customer to turn into a repeat customer, and every repeat customer to be our staunchest advocate!

How do i sign up?

Just create an account via web at heydhobi.com or download our app for Android. You'll be asked to connect with Facebook or enter your email address, input your delivery information, and then tap a single button for clean clothes delivered quickly.

Is heydhobi available in my zip code?

To find out if we service your area, just input your suburb on our website/ App. If we don't service your area yet, be sure to add your email address to receive a notification when we launch in your area!

How do i schedule a pickup or drop off? What is heydhobi now?

It's super simple! Go to "Book a Dhobi" to select the time window for your clothes to be picked up and dropped off. Don't have time to plan ahead? You may also select HeyDhobi Now! Where available, and a Dhobi can swing by your spot in thirty minutes or less. The best part about it? You'll have your clothes serviced, back at your doorstep within 4 hours of the pickup time.

How do i change my order time?

Change of plans? Not to worry! After you've placed an order, you can go to your order history and change the delivery slot (only postpone)

What if my delivery executive is running behind schedule?

We do our absolute best to honour the time slot you selected, but sometimes there are unexpected delays beyond our control (traffic, weather, car trouble). We also know how busy you are, so if we're running behind and you just can't wait, let us know, and we're happy to reschedule your order free of charge.


Do i need to separate my clothes?

Yes, but don't worry it's super easy! Your HeyDhobi Delivery Executive will provide custom bags for your dry cleaning/laundered items as well as for your Wash & Fold items. Just separate your dry cleaning items, laundering items, wash & fold items. Bedding, besides sheets and towels, should be placed with your dry cleaning items as bedding items are processed on an individual basis. We are unable to accept your personal laundry bags or hampers and are not responsible for any loose items such as watches, jewelry, money, or lint balls lost in the cleaning process.

What about my special preferences?

If you have any additional special requests, you may add them into the special notes section or let your Delivery Executive know. We know how important your clothing is to you, so we do our best to honour all customer requests.

Can you pick up/drop off my dry cleaning even if i'm not at home?

Yes, we can. Please leave any special instructions about your order beforehand. You may indicate in the special notes section whether your Delivery Executive is allowed to leave your clean clothing at the neighbour in the event that you are not at home during your selected drop off time.

What should i expect once my first order has been placed?

You've selected a pick up/drop off time, separated your clothing, and are wondering what is next; well, it's super simple. You will receive a series of text alerts before your Delivery Executive arrives for your scheduled pickup time slot. Your Delivery Executive will come equipped with weighing scale and custom bags for you to place your clothes.


How do i pay? How am i billed?

Payment shall be collected at the time of delivery of garments. You can choose to pay either by cash or card. You will be emailed an itemized receipt. Have a question about charges? Feel free to reach out to customer support at any time.

Is there an order minimum?

There is no order minimum.

Is there a delivery fee?

For orders under Rs. 150, and/ or 3 Kgs there is a delivery charge of Rs. 30. For orders above/ or equal Rs. 150, and/ or 3 Kgs there is no delivery charge.

How do i redeem a coupon?

Coupons/promos can be applied at any time while scheduling a pick up. To apply the credit, simply enter the coupon/ promo code.

How much does heydhobi cost?

Here at HeyDhobi, we're big on transparency. We offer market standard pricing, and we post all our prices here, so you know exactly what you will be paying for. Take note that there are additional surcharges for certain materials such as silk, cashmere, and wool. Feel free to email contact@heydhobi.com or contact us directly at +91 9396141414 for such special needs to estimate the total cost of your next order!

How can i view my order history?

Want to review a past order? Visit heybhobi.com and sign into your account via web. Click 'Order History" to view all your past transactions.

Should i tip my delivery executive?

There is no need to tip your Delivery Executive.

What if i miss my pickup or dropoff?

We understand that life happens and you can't always be home when you intended. If you know in advance that you won't be there for your HeyDhobi rendezvous and it's unsafe to leave your order by your door or at the neighbour, please adjust your delivery time via the HeyDhobi App or reach out to our helpful customer support team to avoid any unnecessary charges. If a Delivery Executive does get to your door and in the event we are unable to reach you and your order must be delivered personally, we will charge a Rs. 30 "no show" fee and coordinate a more convenient time to visit.


Are there certain materials you can't process?

Yes, unfortunately given the delicate nature of leather, we are unable to process leather at this time. We are also unable to process any articles containing hazardous materials, severe smoke damage, or blood/human excrement. If there is an item that our cleaning team is unable to process, you will be notified and it will be returned folded, but unwashed.

What about that pesky stain i can't seem to remove?

We do our absolute best to remove stains, but some are unfortunately permanent. Once stains have become part of the fabric, continued attempts to remove them will cause dye loss or fabric damage known as chafing or fraying.

Can heydhobi hang/line dry or handwash my clothing?

Yes, we can hand wash your clothes. The charges are Rs 3 per cloth over and above the normal wash & fold and/ or wash & iron charges. But, we cannot hang dry garments at this time; however, can be processed with extreme care by drying them on the lowest setting. Let us know if any such items are included in your order, and we'll see what we can do!

But where do you actually take my clothes?

We have separate HeyDhobi facilities for Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning which is why we ask that you separate your clothing. We ensure that our facility meets the strictest industry standards in taking care of your clothing.

Do i get to keep the awesome heydhobi bags?

Sorry! Every year, approximately 700 million plastic dry cleaning bags head straight for the landfills. HeyDhobi wants to help drive that number down by providing customers with reusable laundry & dry cleaning bags!


What is wash & fold?

This is best for all dryer safe clothing. Your clothing will be washed, dried, and then returned folded.

What is dry cleaning and how will i know if an item is meant to be dry cleaned?

Dry cleaning refers to a cleaning process involving chemical solvents. You should dry clean items made of delicate fabrics (silk, wool, etc) or items that can't withstand the rumble and tumble of a typical washing machine or dryer.

Ok, so then what is laundering?

Laundered items are washed and then steam pressed for delivery.

Should i launder or dry clean my men's button down shirts?

We recommend that you follow the care instructions of your garment. If the tag reads 'dry clean only', we advise to have it processed accordingly. If you have any garment specific questions, feel free to reach out to customer support.


What do i do if i'm having account issues or forgot my password?

Lost your password? Can't log in? Email contact@heydhobi.com or give them a call +91 9396141414 and a customer support associate will help you out right away.

What should i do if i'm having technical/app issues?

Our engineers are hard at work improving the app and testing for bugs, but we aren't perfect. If you are experiencing issues with the app, we would love to hear from you via phone +91 9396141414 or email contact@heydhobi.com.

How do i contact support?

Have questions, compliments, or just have a thing for speaking to humans? Feel free to email contact@heydhobi.com or contact us directly at +91 9396141414. We're here 24/7 for all your HeyDhobi related needs.


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